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FinOps Service

While more and more organizations adopt cloud services, there’s always one big challenge- How do I control my expenses?

TEM Service

Organizations understand that communication is a business accelerator, but on the other hand, they have to deal with the management of communication resources and increasing expenses

Our Goal

Providing our customers high quality services and software solutions based on our state-of-the-art technology, in order to reduce costs and optimize expenses from both Telecom and cloud services.

Decision Maker

Thanks to the great service provided by us all the stakeholders in the organization can make the right decisions which are based on accurate data and analysis, whether it is the communication services or the cloud services any decision will always be the right decision.

Customer Oriented

All services provided by us are customer-oriented only.
We have no direct or indirect connection with communication providers or cloud providers and all income for our work here is from our customer only.

Success Oriented

Our mission is to bring our customers the best for them.
Efficiency, visibility and cost reduction are our key to success.
Our elite team together with dedicated software developed by us brings our customers to the best goals and results that can be achieved.


To achieve the best for our clients we employ the best of class analysts, provide the best platforms and learn every day how to improve and maximize the services we provide.
Be assure that everything done by our expert team always will be the best you can get in the market.

Our Numbers

Our Numbers

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

quotes quotes
Miracle have a great solution for public cloud cost optimization, combined with great attitude and professionalism of their team. We are extremely happy with the results we achieved using their service.
Avi Raichel, CIO
quotes quotes
We have found partners with high professionalism in the world of technology, communications and telephony. Professionalism that allows us to expand our business while we know there is someone that we can count on.
Harel Insurance and Finance
Amir Levi, Sr. VP IT Infrastructure and Cyber
quotes quotes
Miracle team, is a group of professionals, who act as real partners and turns out to be our best selection for providing TEM services.
Moshe Sakal, Portfolio & Finance Manager
quotes quotes
We learn that Moving to the cloud requires two strong legs on ground – Cloud Security and Cloud Expense Management. We found Miracle as our best partner for the cloud expanse management journey with their professional expert team and their magic application. From my experience I strongly recommend everyone: let them help you to control any cent you spend on clouds ...
Guy Toibin, CIO
quotes quotes
I would like to note the professional and thorough work Miracle team performs to NICE. Thanks to Miracle expert team I am updated with all the costs in real time which is very helpful for visibility and control process.
Ran Parzelina, Global Communication Manager & buyer
quotes quotes
For me, working with Miracle was like working with an elite commando unit. Being able to set challenging targets and know that time and again they will over-achieve it, both in terms of results as well as the time it takes to get there, is unique. Together we were able to concur many mountains and achieve amazing results.
Gil Rabinovitz, Ex-CIO

Steps To Success

Know your Customer

We learn and understand the customer's cloud environment: what they build, their inventory, their goals, and what they want to achieve by moving to the cloud. We examine their pain-points, which regulation issues they face, their data policies, GDPR, and budget issues. We look into their main users, cloud key member, and what they expect by move into the cloud.

Make Research on Cloud Expenses

Knowing our costumer's goals, needs and pain points, our expert team investigates all cloud expanses and usage. Using our self-developed software, we collect all cost and usage details daily from cloud providers.After collecting the information needed, we work on big data information and proceed auditing, analyzing, comparing, and optimizing costs to get a clear view of the cloud usage & expenses.

Start saving money!!

Using all this information, we can now start saving money. Finding opportunities to cut infrastructure costs, server costs, CPU usage and turning off unneeded servers overnight and on weekends are only some of the many strategies we use.
Savings do not happen by magic. Companies need to apply financial control and practices in the cloud with dedicated and experienced teams if they want to save money.

Our team is your best choice for this!

Predict and Plan

Now when everything is under control, it's time to keep your success going. Our experts will help you build strategies, make plans toward your next steps, predict, and control your annual expenses. We will work with you to keep the cost optimization and budget while frequently analyzing and auditing all cloud Expenses to ensure optimal savings.

Know your Customer

We learn and understand our customer's Telecom structure, invoices, and costs as well as the way they manage their inventory. We look into what are their pain-points, main users, budget issues and the gaps between -CUSTOMER INVENTORY vs. vendors' invoices.
We collect all invoices and information needed to perform the Telecom Expense Management process.

Telecom Expense Management Analysis

With the invoices in hand, our TEM expert team analyzes, optimizes, and audits them. Through benchmarking and vendor contracts review, we understand the best way and identify inventory gaps , BILLING MISTAKE , benchmarking gaps and Optimizes cost . Our self-developed software allows us to collect all telecom invoices monthly from customers' vendors.

Start Saving Money!!

Using all the information gathered, we find opportunities to cancel inactive lines, optimize mobile plans, find billing errors, and negotiate contracts rates. Bottom line reduse cost and save money.
Our team is your best choice for this!

Centralized View

With Miracle's TEM Platform, companies can start collecting, controlling and centralizing all their worldwide telecom services, assets and budgets, while reducing costs.
We get in touch with your carriers to discuss billing errors and request credits for incorrect charges.

Predict and Plan

With everything now under control, it's time to keep your success going. Our experts will help you build strategies, make plans toward your next steps, predict and control your annual expenses. We will help you keep and control the cost optimization and budget, and frequently analyze and audit all Telecom expenses to ensure optimal savings

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