TEM is a solution combined of both services and software to control and reduce telecom cost services. We wish to assist medium and large enterprise companies in managing their voice, data, wireless and mobile environment on a software platform, while controlling, managing, and reducing risk & cost. It includes building an accurate up to date inventory; gathering all telecom bills on a software platform; using economists’ specialist in order to find overcharges through a telecom audit; searching for contract violations; optimizing your telecommunication environment; and negotiating directly with vendors to get a better deal and save money.

The Miracle's TEM Benefits:

Control & reduce costs

Expenses & resource management


Assistance in contract negotiation

Visibility & Dashboards

Budget management & control

Inventory management

Dedicated platform - Miracle CRP

Our TEM Services include:

Invoice Management – Invoices are loaded into a centralized platform, normalizing billing data and vendor activity. Assurance processes then verify the information.

Inventory Management – Handles registration of all Telecom-related assets and service subscriptions. These can be fixed by mobile purchased or leased. This enables managers to analyze their asset portfolio and identify obsolete, unused, or lost devices to reduce costs.

Procurement Consulting – Management of contract renewals and upgrades, as well as consolidation of hardware and software contracts for improved budgeting and planning. Essential for negotiations with vendors.

TEM Analytics, Reports and Dashboard – Not just dry reports. Using our Center of Excellence, we perform advanced data analysis, demonstrating trends and correlation between various parameters. We can also draw comparisons between real costs and budgets and build scenarios and saving dashboards.

Usage Optimization – Optimization of contracts and plans by matching the best rate and term structures to actual usage patterns and trends. Customized expense environment.

Ordered Device & Fulfilment – Managing systems and services used to procure devices, using portal-based service catalogs with self-service capabilities for corporate-liable devices and BYOD users (device procurement, device upgrade), including shipping from a local Telecom provider.

Audit & Dispute Management –Assessment and recommendations system that compares billing data against contracted rates, terms, and asset inventories to identify potential discrepancies in actual versus expected charges.

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-Centralized data (telecom assets and use).
-Management of assets across multiple providers.
-Understanding of expenses.


-Access data to make informed decisions
-Managing the full ‘life cycle’ of telecoms services
-Consolidating & simplifying management of all fixed-line and mobile communications.

Cost Optimization

-Examining, auditing, and monitoring expenses
-Identifying incorrect charges & reducing unnecessary ones.
-Optimizing services for effective cost-control.

To increase our worldwide TEM knowledge and connections, 
in 2018 Miracle decided to become an ETMA association member

ETMA (formerly TEMIA), is Enterprise Technology Management Association. It is an independent non-profit association that was established by Solutions Providers for Solutions Providers.
ETMA’s ongoing mission is to raise awareness, foster industry growth, improve the quality and value of solutions, and establish industry standards. Furthermore, ETMA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients.

ETMA takes on issues which are best addressed by an industry association. All actions are designed to serve our member companies, not to profit from them. ETMA does not sell consulting services or solutions.

Among ETMA members are about 50+ TEM services companies.
For more details visit ETMA at:

Why Miracle?

We are a global TEM company, with highly committed experienced and professional team with strong understanding.
The Miracle team acts as your partner- we work closely with our customers to match their needs and goals.

We work as an expert team alongside telecom services our customers to add-on our value to the organization knowledge and manpower, help monitor and audit on a regular basis through telecom expenses our unified system, designed personalized dashboards and unique methodologies. All this to achieve a more efficient telecom expense and cost reduction.

Miracle is your best option if your business wants to use TEM services while spending less.

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TEM common questions

Our TEM services are global, we monitor audit and checked more than 300 telecommunication vendors (mobile, data lines, landlines) from all around the world every month.

Our TEM services include a lot of things, such as a unique platform, inventory management, invoice management, invoice auditing, dispute management, benchmark, purchasing assistant, cost optimisation, and consulting.

Of course! We highly recommend you TO check your telecom company’s expenses to MAKE Sure that you are not overcharged and not paying for unnecessary services and lines.

Excellent question! The fact that we didn’t find any abnormal payment in the company’s telecom expenses is great news, but still, we can save you money. Our audit also checks for optimisation function to target any areas that the company can save money. Our audit aims to find abnormal payments including charge mistakes and also to optimise the company expenses while finding places to save money.

Nice idea! We are convinced that you have many talented workers who can do the work, but we also know that telecommunication invoices is such a rich and engaging field that requires those who are professionals in this world. We have an experienced and professionals team behind our unique platform that will bring your company to maximum saving on telecom expenses in the most efficient way.

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