Case study TEM


The customer has 28,000 employees globally and approximately 100,000 telecom assets and services with an overall annual cost of over $20M. This customer came to Miracle looking for software tools and services to allocate, map, track, and report all its worldwide telecom services and assets.

In addition, the customer requested to collect and store all his telecom bills to a centralized database.

The customer realized the importance of using expert economist services to audit & examine its worldwide bills and telecom charge.

This was done in order to identify and remove incorrect charges as well as optimize and reduce costs.


First, we surveyed the customer’s inventory, and all the details were uploaded into Miracle CRP software. This involved a combination of interviews with key personnel and a physical inventory survey.

The customer’s telecom invoices were also collected and archived by Miracle uploading team into Miracle CRP software.

This made the data available in multiple formats for viewing, analyzing, and reporting.

Customer’s employees were trained on Miracle CRP software for inventory management, reporting and other modules.

The next stage was to audit and examine the invoices vis-à-vis the agreements and charging plans agreed between the company and the service providers.

Finally, Miracle provided customized reports to show specific services that may be redundant, identified incorrect charges and appeal to the carriers to have them removed and get retroactive credits.

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Over $1,000,000 annual saving by correction of charging errors and removal of unnecessary facilities.

Customer now has tools and methodology to manage its telecom environment and services.

Now, all communication procurement processes made with CRP team assistance, using Miracle’s strong expertise and project management capabilities.

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