Whether they are multinationals or SMEs, businesses today accumulate various cloud services and providers, enabling their workforce to work on anything from just about anywhere. This is why managers need a clear view of cloud and expenditure.

The wider the operations, the more challenging it becomes to keep track of said assets. Monitor your productivity, resolve billing errors, optimize service plans, and save costs with our help.

What are Cloud services?

Organizations are constantly searching for ways to be more productive, agile, instant, flexible while spending less. All these are answered by the benefits that public cloud offer.

Today there are a few cloud types and services: SAAS – Software as a service, PAAS- Platform as a service and IAAS – Infrastructure as a service. There are 3 leading cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Why Do Companies Migrate to the Cloud?

Enterprises are looking for cost effective solutions with faster access to infrastructure, scalability, high performance, flexibility, and increased availability.

Companies find all these in the public cloud as well as the opportunities to be faster and more efficient at day-to-day tasks, simply because there is anything you need and everything is only “one click away”.

The huge change from Capex to Opex opened organizations to a new opportunity where they can pay only for what they need without worry about renew platforms and licenses. It gives them the ability to change capacity, volume, storage, and CPU at any time with unlimited level.

Cloud environment challenges

Along with the huge benefits of adopting public cloud, there are also many challenges such as:

A major Challenge "How do I control my cloud EXPENSES?"

There are many challenges in managing cloud expenses:

  • Lack of Visibility and insights for existing staff
  • Lack of collaboration and communication between cloud stakeholders
  • Cost Management: Deal with invoices and multiple cloud providers and accounts
  • Cost Optimization: how we find the balance between ‘pay as you go’ and ‘pay in advance’.
  • A special team that will manage the cloud expanse environment.

Therefore, we in Miracle have developed our FinOps service to help organizations face the expanse and economic issues and allow them gain to control and visibility.

A big percentage of companies moving to the cloud are worried of losing control over their budget and expenses while having to adopt new skills and services that will help them understand how technological choices have financial impact.

The Way Miracle Faces Challenges:

To help our customer facing these financial challenges, we developed a service named FinOps. Our FinOps service combines professional cloud analysts and a unique platform develop by us. Together, we bring our customer a full, end to end service that covers all expanse issues, from PO to optimization

Daily Collection of cloud expenses

Collection of daily information about cost and usage from the cloud environment and build them in a relational data base. Use it to start investigating the information to achieve more insight and a better understanding

Dedicated Dashboards

Build a dedicated and customized Dashboards for break down costs by services, apps, tags, cost allocations, budgets, regions, projects, and more.

Audit and Analyzing

Audit and analyze cloud expense with an expert team and a special platform developed by us. Deep dive into data to gain more valuable information so you can optimize services ,reduce unneeded volume and usages, build a schedule schema to optimize working time, fit the right needs to the cloud environment and above all reduce cost.

Training and Education

Part of our service is to train and educate our customer’s teams to better their control on cloud expanses. Our cloud FinOps experts meet with cloud stakeholders on a regular basis to provide education, mentorship, and training towards best practices for shaping cloud expenses.

Financial Operations

Build reports by reviewing the cloud environment, including savings recommendations that will assist the company to reduce the monthly bill.

Account Management

Review the information daily, manage the inventory and work closely with BU’s to predict the annual expenses and raise red flags so you can send budget alerts on time.

Execution - Achieving Your Goals

Our mission and goal are not to just write recommendations and letters, but to bring all recommendations into execution while giving our customer the maximum benefits, optimizations, and cost savings.

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Along with the huge benefits of enges such as

Why Miracle?

We are a global FinOps company, with highly committed experienced and professional team with strong understanding on cloud expenses management.
The Miracle team acts as your partner- we work closely with our customers to match their needs and goals.

We work as an expert team alongside our customers to add-on our value to the organization knowledge and manpower, help monitor and audit cloud environment on a regular basis through our unified system, designed personalized dashboards and unique methodologies. All this to achieve a more efficient cloud expense and cost reduction.

Miracle is your best option if your business wants to use cloud computing while spending less.

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FinOps common questions

Yes, Miracle FinOps software and mange services methodologies designed for single and multi-cloud environments

Yes, Miracle FinOps team have the knowledge to use all kind of Cloud platform in order to bring significant value and cost reduction to your company, including full outsource or on demand cloud analyst.

We believe in a long term relations, our pricing model is a monthly MRC costs that contain Miracle FinOps manage services and management platform.

From Miracle opinion, FinOps services is a way of life, every company need to adopt FinOps from the moment she starting to adopt Cloud services. Building FinOps processes at the beginning of the cloud journey, preventing bill shock and unknown Env and resources at the future.

We embark on this journey together, we are acting as a partner and believe that your success is our success. Together we will lift up each cloud Compute “rock” in order to utilize, save and exercise any possibility for cloud costs reduction and build foundations that will bring positive impact for long time.

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